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Home generator safety includes electric and gas powered generators.

11 Apr Home Generator Safety Tips

Home Generator Safety Tips A home generator is an essential addition to the home that can make a real difference in the level of functioning in the event of a prolonged power outage. With the purchase of a generator, homeowners gain a sense of security and...

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Do GFCI outlets go bad? Learn more with Mister Sparky East Texas electricians!

07 Mar Do GFCI Outlets Go Bad?

Do GFCI Outlets Go Bad?   Since their introduction into the National Electrical Code (NEC), Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI outlets) outlet location requirements have expanded way beyond the initial recommendations, and now include practically every outlet on your property, in and out of the house. These...

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Call Mister Sparky for your home electrical system repair in Tyler!

29 Jan Know Your Home Electrical System

Electricity powers almost everything that makes our lives comfortable. Heating and cooling equipment, refrigerators, computers, lights, fans and hybrid cars require electricity to function. Before World War II, 60 amperes at the service panel was adequate to meet home electrical system requirements. Today, households require...

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21 Dec Top 10 Holiday Electrical Hazards

Home electrical safety may not be the most festive topic, but it's an important consideration before pulling out the holiday decorations. Knowing what holiday electrical hazards are most common during the season, you can prevent unnecessary problems and help to keep your family safe. Here...

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20 Aug DIY Electrical Mistakes

Many homeowners like to go DIY when it comes to smaller projects around their homes.  But when you’re not using a professional, it’s easy to overlook little mistakes.  And with electricity, little mistakes can be dangerous, even deadly.  We’ve listed five of the most common...

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10 Aug How To Avoid House Fires In Your Home

Today we launch the first in a new series designed to help you prevent common electrical catastrophes, with tips and advice to better protect you and your family.  In the first of the series, we look at the best ways to avoid the worst of...

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29 Mar Upgrading Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets or wall outlets are the primary points of interaction most people have with their home electrical systems. Those of us who aren't electricians or electrical contractors, may not ever open our main electrical panels, but we plug and unplug things from our outlets...

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17 Mar Why Does My Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

Mister Sparky Electrician East Texas shares potential causes of a consistently tripping circuit breaker with East Texas homeowners. Mister Sparky Electrician East Texas, America’s On-Time Electrician, offers the best electrician services in the East Texas area, including Tyler, Longview, and Kilgore. Mister Sparky Electrician East Texas, America’s On-Time Electrician, services the surrounding East Texas areas...

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22 Feb Accent Lighting Ideas from East Texas Electrician

Looking for new accent lighting ideas? Check out these tips from Mister Sparky Electrician East Texas! When you assess the lighting in your home, you should be able to pick out several layers of illumination. General lighting is typically centered on the ceiling, casting a bright...

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