Which Bulb is Best for Outdoor Lighting: LED or Incandescent?
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Which Bulb is Best for Outdoor Lighting: LED or Incandescent?

Mister Sparky finishes an outdoor lighting installation in East Texas.

Which Bulb is Best for Outdoor Lighting: LED or Incandescent?

Which Bulb is Best for Outdoor Lighting: LED or Incandescent?


Homeowners around the world are always on the lookout for the best products that add value to their properties. This search extends to lighting the home. Buying those large, incandescent bulbs of the past used to be commonplace, but there are alternatives today. When it comes to the best outdoor lighting for the home, a local electrician will always suggest LEDs over incandescent bulbs. But what makes LEDs so much better than incandescent bulbs for outdoor lighting?

Understanding LED Technology


Mister Sparky installs LED bulbs as the bulb of choice for outdoor lighting.LED is an acronym for light-emitting diodes. This technology isn’t a bulb in the traditional sense. Many people would be surprised to know that the LED itself is about the size of a flaked piece of pepper.

Current runs through the semiconductor, which creates a bright illumination out of the LED. The result is lighting that’s both functional and efficient. There’s almost no other technology out there today that’s as bright and safe as LEDs. LEDs offer some of the most long-lasting bulbs out there.

• LED bulbs last about 25,000 hours

• LED bulbs will last for three years, around the clock, without turning off

When it comes to outdoor lighting installations, long-lasting bulbs are a necessity. Homeowners don’t want the constant chore of replacing the bulbs each month. LEDs make outdoor lighting easier to install for professionals while leaving minimal maintenance for the homeowner. Because most people won’t leave their lights on 24 hours a day, the three-year lifespan will stretch even further.

Shatter-Resistant Design


Handling incandescent bulbs can be dangerous. The bulbs are glass, which makes them prone to damage during installation or extreme weather. LED bulbs are different, however, because they have small housings covering the light components. The size itself makes LED bulbs durable in the outdoors.

Unlike the incandescent bulbs, the LED housing isn’t made out of a glass either. A specialized lens with epoxy plastic is the material covering most LEDs. Breaking these housings is almost impossible if accidents occur around the home. Electricians make quick work out of these installations.

Preventing Fire Hazards


Incandescent bulbs can be fire hazards for these reasons, including:

• Releasing excessive heat impacting nearby items

• Glass breaks lead to heat exposure in the home

• Current surges in the fixture causing potential fires

LED bulbs simply don’t create a lot of heat. Their size doesn’t offer the surface area necessary for heat to dissipate. When you touch the LED housing, it’s cool. The result of a cool bulb is fewer hazards in the home so that residents have safety as a top priority.

Cost-Effective Lighting


Using LED bulbs for all of your outdoor lighting needs saves you money all year!LEDs don’t need a lot of power to produce their light. The semiconductor within the bulb converts energy at an efficient pace. Homeowners who hire a professional electrician to install LED lighting in their yards will see a decrease in electrical bills. There are no compromises with darkened areas across the property because LEDs can line every walkway and driveway without making an impact on the household’s budget. The savings alone makes LED bulbs a viable option for the best choice for your outdoor lighting.

Maximum Illumination


LED bulbs are unique because they’re designed with piercing, bright illumination. The photons don’t spread out into a bulb as seen with incandescent styles. There’s no need for reflectors or large fixtures around the LED bulbs to bounce the light. They merely give off a light that’s easily directed to any corner of the yard.



A common concern among homeowners is that their outdoor lighting is safe. Connecting multiple fixtures together on one circuit might lead to surges and shorts. With a professional electrician on the job, these issues won’t be a problem. Safety remains a priority while optimizing the electrical options at any home. Combining efficient LED bulbs with a licensed electrician makes your outdoor lighting safe, appealing, and practical.

Reducing Environmental Impact

LED bulbs are great options for your outdoor lighting needs if you want to reduce your environmental impact.Homeowners are more concerned than ever about their impact on the environment. Recycling and reducing carbon footprints are common concerns facing residents today.

By installing LED bulbs instead of incandescent for outdoor lighting, homeowners are reducing the chances of spreading mercury into the environment. Older bulbs may use mercury as an internal component. Accidentally spreading mercury into the air is a hazardous situation. Electricians can easily convert exterior lighting to LED technology so that the environment continues to be protected.

Homeowners can improve their property’s appearance and cost-efficiency with LED outdoor lighting. Updating the home with wiring, bulbs and fixtures is a clever way to give the space new life and save money on your electric bill. Call Mister Sparky today to schedule your electrical home service appointment!

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